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2 Eement. FOR 10-12-15MT, IZ7ATH
3 Element Yagis Antennas for HF, DK7ZB
3el, 15mtr monoband yagi, K6JRF
4el 21Mhz Yagi Antenna, G0KS
4 Element ZX Yagi for 21 MHz extended to 28 MHz, DF9CY
5 elements yagi for 15 Meters, 4N1SM
6 elements OWA Yagi for 21 MHz, G0KSC
7elements 21MHz OWA Yagi, G0KSC
15 Meter L7 HamLoop, K6SGH
18 MHz 4el YAGI
A vertical dipole for 7MHz and 21MHz, OH3GGQ
A double dipole for 14 and 21 MHz
Antenna monobanda quad per i 15mt, IV3XAZ
Antenna 3 elemt. costo zero
Antenne HB9CV pour la bande 15m
Bean Tin Antenna for 15 m
Dipolo rotativo per i 21 MHz,IK0VVG
Delta Quad, F6CNE
Dismantable Yagi for the bands 10-17m
Linear loaded short dipole 21MHz
Spiderbeam 10-15-20mt
The W3FF Portable Dipole
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