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10 elements en V inverse pour 14MHz, ON5CFT
20 meter antenna 5 elements monoband, PI4ZI
20 meter hamstick mini beam project
20m Delta Loop
20m mini loaded dipole, IK2BCP
20m T-Monopole Short Vertical, AA5TB
20m dipole half sizeantenna, G3YYC
20 Meter Ground Plane Vertical Antenna
20 meter Vertical with Balun, W8HDU
20m vertical antenna, PA3HCM
A cubical quad for 20 meter
A 20 Meter Half Square Antenna for QRP Portable Operation, KA1DDB
An Hexagonal Beam in 3 hours, EI7BA
Antenna HF Portable for 20 meters
Bi-Plane Antenna for 20 Meters, KB9II
C-POLE portable antenna for 20mt, HB9MTN
Dipole 14mhz/50mhz, F4DXU
Delta Loop UN7CI for 7, 10, 14 and 21- MHz
Dismantable for 10m-20m, DK7ZB
End Fed Halfwave Antenna And Matching Unit for 20-30-40 meters
Fuchs-Antenna for 20m, DL1GSJ
Home-built mini yagi beam dipole antenna, N4SPP
Le Dipole demi - onde ou Doublet, ON5CFT
Mini horizontal V 2 element 20MT
Shorten 20m band rotary dipole, 9W2DAL
The 20 Meter Mini Yagi, KJ5VW
The Shorty Dipole for 14mHz, G3YCC
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