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4BTV Vertical - Modification 17M & 30M, WB5CXC
10 MHz Yagi Style Moxon,OH2BEN
30 Meter beam, N6JV
30 meter full quarter wave vertical, K7SU
30 Meter Wire Antennas calculations
30 Meter Vertical Dipole, W1TR
30/40 Meter Black Box Vertical, N2RIT
A 20- & 30- or 20- & 39-Meter Trap Antenna, W0XI
Antenna verticale per 30/40 metri, IT9INO
Antenna Bobtail-Curtain 30 Meters, ON8IM
Construction of 30/40 Meter MegaHex beam,K7HC
Dipole vertical valable du 10 au 40m, ON4BAI
Dipolo rotativo para la banda de 30 metros,LU7YS
FLAT EH antenna band 10 MHZ, UA1ACO
Force12 Sigma 143- 30 -40 meter dipole rotable
Home-Made Magnetic Loop Antenna for 30 Meters, W8LMF
Low Band dei 80-30 mt
Portable Magnetic Loop Antenna version two
-Progetto 2 elementi per i 10,1 MHz, IK2OCP
Rotary dipole for 30/40 mt
Small HF Antennas for 30m / 10.1 MHz and 20m / 14 MHz
Tunable NVIS antenna for the 1.8 to 10 MHz
Verticale per 30/40 MT
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