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A shortened 40 meter rotary dipole, PA1M
40 meter top loaded vertical 7 MHz, KD8JHJ
40m Band, portable dipole, DJ9RB
40m Standard half-wave Dipole Antenna, M0EZP
7 Mhz Verticale antenna, G3PTO
A dual loop 80 and 40 meter Hf wire, VE6VIS
A Linear Loaded Vertical antenna for 40mt and 80mt ,PA3HBB
A Shortened 7 mHz Dipole, GM4JMU
Adding 30 and 40 meters to the 4 Element SteppIR, WD0M
Antena multibanda G5RV
Antena para 40m, PU1LHP
Antenna sperimentale per i 40 metri, IZ8CGS
Antenne fuchs pour le 40m a mon domicile, F6BQU
Antenne verticale monobande 7Mhz, F1RFM
Capacitive Antennas 7.050 - 3.550 MHz, Dl7JV
Dipolo for 40 80 meter
Dipolo rotativo para hf, XE1RM
Double Zepp 2 x 40m
Dipolo rotativo per i 40 mt a carico lineare, I1WQR
Electrically short dipole antenna for the 40m band, DG0SA
Full 1/4 wave vertical for 40m, ON7AMI
High Performance 40 Meters Vertical, W6NBC
Indoor antennas for 40mt, EA5XQ
L'antenne W3HH - T2FD, ON5MJ
Kapazitive Antennen 7mhz and 3,5, DL7JV
Multi Band cage Dipole Antenna Project, N3UJJ
Prototipo di antenna per i 7MHz in 22cm, IW0BZD
Quad cubical 40 mts, CE4WJK
Shortened with 40 turns trap 7 mhz Dipole, GM4JMU
Shortening your dipole
Sloper sloping dipoles 40m-80m
Super gain antenna project for 40 meters
The 40 meter Stealth Vertical, K7ZB
Tribander 40 meter boom to dipole, K4BEV
Vertical 10/80mt ,I1BAY
Vertical 40mt no coils ,IK2ZMZ

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