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50MHz 4-element Long Yagi, OZ1PIF
50MHz 5 elements Yagi
50MHz Moxon Rectangle, N3OX
50MHz Power Splitters, G3WOS
6 el yagi 50 mhz, KD5SDJ
6 Elements on 50 MHz, VK4ADC
6 meter 6 element YAGI
6 Meter Omni Halo, KD4NMI
6m 50Mhz Long wire antenna
6m beam antennas
A Hairpin match for the 5 ele Tonna for 50 MHz
A portable three element 6M yagi
Antenna delta loop 6 metri 50 MHz, IZ7CFF
Antenna Lpda 70 cm and 23 cm, DL4XAV
Antenna boomless tribanda per i 50/144/440 Mhz
Chris Gare's 50MHz Power Splitters, G3WOS
COAX antenna projects 2 and 6 meter, K4MMG
High especialy on 70cm
Optimized 10-element UHF Yagi Antenna, ON6MU
Slappe Arnold antenne voor de 6 meter, PE2ER
The mighty wide six metre dipole
The X-antenna antenna for portable work on 6m, G1EXG
Tonna 5 Elementi 50 MHz: modifica del dipolo
UHF 3-element portable antenna with gamma-match
Una Yagi a 6 elementi per i 6 metri
Verticali 50 mhz su canna da pesca
VHF 1/2wave vertical antenna for the 6-meterband
Yagi 5 elementi per i 6 metri, I0JXX
Yagi 6 elementi per i 6 metri
YAGI 7 Elem. 50 Mhz

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