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4 square 3650, SP8BRQ
40/80mt coil loaded dipole 23,3MT length, IK1ZOY
80 and 160 mt-80ft for 80mt or 17 ft for 160mt, KE4UYP
80 Meter Wire Beam, N3OC
80 m 3/4 wave LLV, KE4UYP
80m 4square 67 ft self support towers, VE6FI
80 Meter 3-element Vertical Yagi, VE3VN
80 meter 4 square antenna at, PA9KT
Butternut Notes, WB9DLC
80/75 Meter 4-Square Array
80-160 metri, IK3SSJ
80 metros encurtada
80 Meter Tower Vertical with Short Radials, VE3VN
80-160 antenna for the small garden, PA1M
80m Band Short Dipole, DJ9RB
80 m shortened Dipole project, DL2HRF
80m Band Top Loaded Vertical, DJ9RB
80m Band Top using 2 elevated radials
80mt Control of switching directions and antenna resonances, SP3GEM
A Wideband 80mt dipole, N6LF
Antena para 40 80M
Antenna Triple-Bazooka, CE4WJK
Antenna for 80 meters in garden 46ft, G7FEK
Antenna GP 3,5 MHz a carico lineare, I1WQR
Antenna for the Low Bands..80 and 160m, EI7BA
Antenna HF multibanda deltaloop 6-160 metri, I6IBE
Broadbanding half square antenna for 80mt, N6LF
Broad­Band 80 & 40 meter bowtie dipole
Double bazooka/coaxial dipole antenna
Double-L Antenna For 80/160
EWE rx antenna for 80 meter
Hex Array 80/40 Meter Vertical
Isotron antenne Voor de 80m band, PA0UNT en PA1AMS
Inverted-L for 80m & 160m, ON7EQ
Lets build an 80 meter 4 square, W2DWW
Short verticale per i 80 metri
Shunt-Feeding a Short Tower on 80 and 160m
Single Support Gain Antennasfor 80 and 160 Meters, N6LF
The 80 Meter Inverted Vee
Tower for 80mt 3.650 et 3.780 Khz, F5WH
Un dipolo per le bande basse, I8QLI

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