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Amateur Radio Contest Logging Software, ED5DI
Free Contest Loggers for Windows & Linux/Wine
All In One is the latest in contesting, WD8KNC
All In One is the latest in contesting and logging software
Amateur Contact Log
From that first program our software library
Contests Supported TR LOG
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DATOM Amateur Radio Contesting
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Free contest logger, N1MM
free contest logger
Field Day Logger, WR9R
$0.00 US - FREE-Ware For IBM-PC/AT Compatibles
HF/QRP/VHF/Digital contests/activities,W3KM
LOGic 9 - Ham Radio Logging Software
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Log Verificator, OM5APP
Log Verificator is a Windows program that allows you to find incorrect entries and duplicates in your Contest Log saved in EDI format. Log Verificator contains extensive Callbook from real contests and is very easy to control. Contest log can be saved under a new name so that your original log will remain intact. Log Verificator is shareware software. The callbook has more than 60,000 items.
MixW Multimode Operating Software
MixW is a multi mode multi functional software for every day logging and Contests
TR4W Contest Logger Dmitriy Gulyaev, UA4WLI
freeware program for operating in ham radio
TLF Logging
is a shell-based ip-networked logging programme for Linux
QARTest is only available in italian, IK3QAR
free contest logger
Permission is given to freely distribute
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WriteLog for Windows
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converts contest

freeware program,AD1C
Cabrillo to CT
freeware program,AD1C
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