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Click Votes Kenwood TS-850  
Transceiver TS850S - display spento
Dopo un po' di anni che usavo il TS850 ho avuto problemi con il display
Kenwood TS-850SAT Modifications
began discussing a problem with intermittent output
EB5AGV Kenwood TS-850S repair
Here you have some pictures and comments of several repairs
Simple modifications and repairs for the Kenwood TS850s,G4IFB
I’m not an expert in TS850s’s and I have no professional
Kenwood TS-850S - DSP-100 Hi-Fi TX - RX Mods,KA0KA
This site was developed to help with modifications that cover
Kenwood TS-850S HF Tranceiver
10m band operation with 100KHz to 30MHz general coverage receive
Kenwood TS-850S to Yaesu FL-7000 band data interface board,AA3M
I recently purchased the FL-7000 amp and quickly realized
Kenwood TS-850S manuals
Trio HF Kenwood - Trio VHF Kenwood - Trio multi bands
Mod to allow separate RX and TX Antennas Kenwood TS-850S/AT
Make a short loop of white telfon cable with a male and female BNC
Modifications for the Kenwood TS-850
While the manual shows 35 power-on front panel adjustments
emote interface for Kenwood transceivers,TK5EP
This interface is designed to be used with a 5 wire cable to the computer
Service Manuals Kenwood,WZ5Q
Here's some complete copys of the Service Manual that the
Aligning the Kenwood TS-850S for 170 Hz Shift FSK
The Kenwood TS-850S is one of the first of the new generation of HF Radio
TK5EP Kenwood TS-850 page
receiver antenna input CW monitor modification High speed CW
TS-850 microphone pinouts
TS-850 modifications to allow for transmitting on LF,WE0H
appropriate control circuitry can be modified. On LF transmit
TS-850 mods
PLL Board Problem. All dots in display and CW from Speaker
TS-850S Amplifier Interface Page,K0BX
The first interface is one that I am using to key my Drake L-4B
A Band Decoder for the Kenwood TS-850 HF-Transceiver, DK9IP
easily add a band decoder to the TS-850
Two Kenwood TS850 modifications,G4IFB
modifications and repairs for the Kenwood TS850s HF transceiver
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