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An Interesting Article on Grounding and Receiver Noise
In your recent post you advised that coax should be grounded
Assorted grounding hints and kinks
Assorted Grounding Hints and Kinks and Technical Correspondence
Amateur Radio Station Grounding and Lightning Protection
Grounding and lightning protection are critical to the safe and legal operation of an Amateur Radio station
Circuit Grounds and Grounding Practices
ground is used in speaking of electrical circuits
Coax cables specifications
A low loss cable with a non-contaminating jacket
Different grounds for different shacks
questions about grounding stations in difficult locations
Experiments On Ground Antennas
underground antennas-aerials buried below ground level
Ground Characteristics Lightning Protection
Characteristics of a Buried Radial Wire from DC up to
Ground Problems
having problems with RF ground systems
Ground Systems Antenna Grounds, W8JI
A ground screen, counterpoise, or ground radial system below the antenna
Grounding Systems in the Ham Shack
Compliance with electrical safety guidelines (electrical grounding system
In-shack Ground System AA6E
The grounding project is coming along
Introduction to coaxial cables
A coaxial cable is one that consists of two conductors
Lightning Protection forthe Amateur Radio Station
good external ground system to complete your station’s protection
RF Grounding With a Balun Feed
Transformer coupling and properly grounding
Short Vertical Antennas and Ground Systems - VK1BRH
the merits or otherwise of various types of ground systems
Solving RF Interference Problems
Radio transmitters have a great fondness for causing interference
Transmitting Antennas and Ground Systems for 1750 Meters
antenna for transmitting on the 1750-meter 160-190 kHz
The RF Ground
One often hears about the need for a ground or ground system
The Ufer ground system
system that consistently outperforms typical ground rod installations
Vertical Antenna Ground Radial Loss Study, KN5L
This document examines three published ground radial loss studies
Why grounding
line surges or unintentional contact with higher voltage
Why terminate a Beverages
The main reason for terminating a beverage
Elementi con il tag impianto di terra
Sto facendo una ricerca sulla MESSA A TERRA..
Messa a norma di impianto condominiale
L'impianto elettrico stato messo a norma nell'anno 1995
Correnti di dispersione
Con i differenziali in presenza di correnti di dispersione
Radio Station Grounding VE6XL
Ground systems to be considered within a radio station environment
Simple Antennas and Good Grounds
Some like ground plane antennas have a built in ground plane radials
Grounding Systems for Amateur Radio Stations
Radio operators about the desirability for good grounding systems
Tower Grounding Project,WDM
Having discovered that my tower would have to be installed on top
Amateur Radio Station Grounding,N7ZXP
Having discovered that my tower would have to be installed on top
Terra artificiale ,I0ADY
Nella stazione del radioamatore la "terra" ha tre possibili configurazioni
Experimental Determination of Ground System
a very common problem with vertical groung systems
Station Ground
a ground can help reduce common mode noise reaching the antenna


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