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BX-184 An MH-31 microphone integrated voice keyer, DH8BQA
Contest techniques sequencer caller, I3VLE
CQ machine voice keyer, OZ1CX
Digital Voice Keyer ? Why not, SV1DKL
DX Doubler Two Radio Controller, K9FOX
Pic keyer, DL4YHF
Dxkey Automatic, IK5XCT
Interfaccia per modi digitali VOX
Integrated CW and Voice Keyer Dialog
Keyer circuit, M0KGK
MacLoggerDX Integrated CW and Voice Keyer Dialog
MicroHAM High-End Contesting & DX-ing Accessories
N1MM Voice Keyer
PICAXE-08M Standalone Automatic Voice Keyer
QRP keyer circuit diagram for PIC16F84, DL4YHF
Radioamateur Voice Keyer with two microcontrolors, VE2FAB
Taclog interfaces, OZ2M
The CW Keyer, W7JI
Tastierino per apparati YAESU, IZ0GIF
The Voice Keyer, SM3WMV
The Vocal Keyer,KG4JJH
Unified Microsystems
Voice Keyer software, SM3WMV
Voice Keyer Ver. 1.08
Voice-keyer with VELLEMAN module K8030, ON7EQ
Voice keyer, I2WIJ
Voice Keyer Byggebeskrivelse, OZ6FRS
Voice keyer,PE1PTJ
Vocal Keyer, KG1JJH
Voice-keyer, ON7EQ
Voice keyer Interface, G4AXX


Combination Voice Keyer and Full Featured CW Memory Keyer
The VK-64 is a voice keyer and CW memory keyer in the same package
Contest Card, W9XT
PC plug-in interface board that contains a voice keyer and CW interface
MFJ-434 Contest Voice Keyer
sends your call and contest exchanges in your own natural voice
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