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7 element yagi-uda, LA8OKA
4 Element Yagi Antenna Calculator
A Simple Seven Element Yagi Antenna
AM Loop Antenna Calculator
Antenna calculator, AG4TY
Antenna Modeling Software, AC6LA
Approximate Air Coil Inductance Calculator
Bi-Quad Antenna Calculator
Calcolatore Java di crossover passivi
Axial Mode Helix Antenna Calculator
Bazooka Antenna Calculator
Calcolo di antenne dipolo verticale loop, IK6CAC
Calculation of Loss in Transmission Line
Capacitor Calculator
Calculate Radio Frequency Power Density
Calculate the frequency/length of antennas, KB4SAI
Calculate your dipole - 3 element yagi, W4HN
Calculates the required antenna tilt to compensate for Earth curvature
Calculation dipole inverterv
Calculation program 10GHz waveguide slot antenna, DK3BA,DH6SBN
Coaxial Folded Dipole Antenna, VK2YVA
Coaxial Folded Dipole 12.5-Ohm
Cubical quad antenna calculator, Frank Crossv
Design Your Own Dipoles And Inverted Vees
Double Extended Zepp NVIS Antenna Calculator
Design Your Own Ground Plane
Design Your Own Quad
Design your Own Super J Pole
Dipole and Inverted V Antenna Calculator
Dipole Inverted Vee Antenna Design
Dipole and inverted V design and calculator
Dipole Antenna Calculator
Discone Antenna Calculator
eHamRadio Antenna Calculator
Electronics Converters and Calculators
EZNEC antenna software
Folded dipole antenna input impedance calculator
Folded Dipole Calculator
Impedance Transformation with Quarter-Wave Lines
Inductive Reactance Calculator
Impedance Calculators
J-pole antenna design calculator, K4ABT
J-Pole Antenna Length Calculator, KB3KAI
Log periodic dipol array
Log Periodic Dipole Array, LA8OKA
Loop antenna resonant frequency calculator
Logarithmic Periodic Dipole Antenna Calculator
Magnetic Loop Antenna Calculator
Omnidirectional Antenna Beamwidth Analysis
Parabolic Reflector Analysis
Quad Antenna JavaScript Calculator, KD4SAI
Radio link budget calculator
Return Loss Calculator
Single Layer Air Core Inductor Design, K7MEM
Sophisticated Helix Antenna Design
The Quarter-wave stub, LA8OKA
Types of Coax Cable and Line Loss
The self-inductances are calculated
VSWR calculator
VSWR Loss Calculator
VSWR to return loss conversion
Whip Antenna Design Calculator
Wire Antenna Calculator, WS6X
YAGI a 3 elements

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