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Delta loop 10 - 80mt


Delta loop 10 - 80mt

We actually wanted to build a similar antenna on 80 and 40m and we were pleasantly surprised. It works even on higher bands Its principle and mechanical construction is exactly the same
post 16 Nov 2019

Delta loop 10 - 80mt

Antenna Delta Loop Links

Vertical Loop for 80-6 Meters, KL7JR
loop antennas have always fasci nated me. From a common sensestandpoint they seem impossible.I mean, how can you have a short circuitat the output of your transceiver

Yet another delta loop antenna
I decided to try a loop antenna and I only had one mounting point on the paneling, so I used tape to make a triangle, but if I used an equilateral triangle as in all of the antenna books, I would have to put a nail in the middle of the paneling

Rotatable Low Band Receiving Delta Loop, KB9CRY
Rotatable Delta Loop for receiving on 160M and 80M. Measures 17 ft. tall by 28 ft. long

An Easy to Install Vertical Loop for 80-6 Meters, KL7JR
My portable loop is 150 feet long 50 ft per side and includes a 4:1 balun

Delta Loops for HF, W5SDC
I decided to try a full wave Delta Loop. After using the loop for a couple of days with decent band conditions, I have never looked back. It's performance compared to the dipole has been very impressive