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75 Meter Delta Loop Beam


75 Meter Delta Loop Beam

It is vertically polarized, take off angle is less than 30 degrees.The half beam width is about 56 degrees.It changes directions by adding tuning stubs that can switch in and out.The antenna is tuned for 3.800 Mhz but also easy to modify
post 30 Apr 2020

Antenna Delta Loop Links

Inverted Dipole Delta Loop, DK5VQ
For relays 160m 1 and 4 are energized, the antenna works as a folded dipole

L'Antenne Delta Loop, ON5CFT
To calculate a Delta - Loop antenna the formula is relatively simple: we take the formula 1005 / F, here if we want the Delta Loop to be qrv any Band it must be calculated on the lowest frequency, we take as an example the 3,500 Khz

Antenne delta-loop 160, le 80, le 40 et le 30m, F6CDX
My delta measures 166m perimeter, has the shape of an isosceles triangle 2 identical sides are horizontal and is located at 18m from the ground, I use this antenna delta loop for my HF connections, and in particular for the 160s, 80s, 40 and 30 m

Mini Delta, G3EJS
The author had been searching for acompact beam which could beeasily and quickly assembled forportable operations from Scottishislands, because time wastedassembling a complex station on anisland means that many lose thechance of a QSO with that island