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Delta loop 3 elementi filare reversibile


Delta loop 3 elementi filare reversibile

Come si comprende dal titolo, l'antenna che qui descrivo e' una classica Delta Loop a tre elementi per i 40 metri, interamente realizzata con della trecciola di rame del diametro di 3 mm
post 16 Nov 2019

Delta loop 3 elementi filare reversibile

Antenna Delta Loop Links

Portable HF Delta Loop
A delta loop antenna is described which is cheap, simple to make as well as being very quick and straight forward to put up for portable work. With a balanced ATU it will work well on 20, 15 and 10m

Red Neck Loop Antenna, NF6P
I'm a huge fan of the loop antenna. Quad loop, Delta Loop, Sky Loop, it doesn't matter, I know they perform very wel

Rotatable Low Band Receiving Delta Loop, KB9CRY
Rotatable Delta Loop for receiving on 160M and 80M. Measures 17 ft. tall by 28 ft. long

Super Loop Antenna, N1RCT
G5RV was about all I can fit for the 80 and 40 meter bands. The G5RV is 102 feet long and has a 34 foot section of twinlead followed by coax into the shack

Two cell antenna delta for 40 meters
The first figure shows a conventional antenna Delta with dimensions for a range of 40 meters. The size of the delta can be calculated by the formula L = 304 / F: L - perimeter of the delta, F - frequency at which it is set