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Corned Fed Delta Loop


Corned Fed Delta Loop

The Delta Loop antenna is one of the famous magical antennas, but in reality, the Delta Loop antenna is not as magical as it's reputation. Despite its reputation as a Multi
post 16 Nov 2019

Corned Fed Delta Loop

Antenna Delta Loop Links

2 Elements 20m Delta Loop, IW7DMH
For this project I started from a Nerio Neri Book antenne.The book describes the building of a HF three bands 10-15-20 aluminium delta loop, but I limited the design to 20m band only

2 element 40 mt parasitic switchable array
He used 3/8 electrical wavelength feedlines to each element. He would transmit with a single sloper the other ones acted as reflectors. Why? Because the 3/8 wavelength feedline going to the other slopers

21MHz Delta Loop Antenna, JG1GGF
Easy to assemble no special tools are needed we have come up with a combination of elements so that the disassembly can be done in a short time we used a thin tube to reduce the weight of mobility

40m Delta Mono-Loop
The pole should be about 12m high minimum 11m. 39'4 to 36. Higher is better, but then you will have to re-adjust the total length for resonance

40 Meter Parasitic Delta Loop Array, W8WWV
On 40 meters, my experience is that you need at least 20 dB of F/B ratio in order to be able to turn down European broadcasters enough to be able to hear the west coast stations, especially the west coast stations with dipoles and 100 watts