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A delta loop is a closed loop antenna that normally forms an isosceles triangle. If the delta loop is constructed as an isosceles triangle, it has a gain of approximately 0.5 dB relative to a dipole. The impedance will be around 70 ohms. If we flatten the triangle a little, the impedance can quickly rise to 100 ohms and more. The total length of the conductor can be calculated as follows: 306.3 / f f = frequency in MHz
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Antenna Delta Loop Links

75 Meter Delta Loop Beam, N6IJ
The elements are all wire, and the plan was to use #14 stranded insulated copper wire

A Simple Loop Aerial for 160/80, G3YXM
The antenna should tune from 1.8 to about 5MHz with 50ft (16Mtrs) of cable in the loop

An Easy to Install Vertical Loop for 80-6 Meters, KL7JR
My portable loop is 150 feet long 50 ft per side and includes a 4:1 balun

Antenna Delta loop bidirettiva, IA5TMF
Questa e' una antenna adatta per HF realizzabile senza troppe difficolta', l'unico inconveniente e' che necessita possedere di un discreto spazio dove installarla e di almeno quattro supporti a cui agganciare i loop

Antenne delta-loop 160, le 80, le 40 et le 30m, F6CDX
My delta measures 166m perimeter, has the shape of an isosceles triangle 2 identical sides are horizontal and is located at 18m from the ground, I use this antenna delta loop for my HF connections, and in particular for the 160s, 80s, 40 and 30 m