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Delta Loop Design


Delta Loop Design

The antenna is based on the basic principle of a full wavelength loop antenna. A single wavelength loop remains an efficient and effective antenna for all bands. It exhibits good gain 1.5 db over a dipole
post 15 Nov 2019

Delta Loop Design

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Delta Loop Dimenciones de la Antena en Mts
Delta loop, are all corticircuitados each other, the impedance at the point of power is 120 ohms, for this reason to feed it, a Much Range adapter is used. It is ideal for bands of 10, 15 and 20mts

Delta loop for 20mt, I8SWZ
The radiant element is a triangular of 6.7 meters per side for a total of 20.10 meters and in the center of the base of the triangle, to realize a coil made of 16 turns in air - diam. 2 cm., 10 cm long

Delta Loop, PY5AAL
Width 42,6 mt
Use coaxial cable 50 ohm multiple odd lambda x 0.66

DeltaLoop antenne, PA1HR
This DeltaLoop antenna has a length of 125 meters, divided into three sides of 40, 42 and 43 meters. The antenna hangs at a height of 10 meters

Die Delta-Loop, DC6VA
The antenna is a 42 m delta loop at a height of 8 to 10 m above ground, which extends from the gable end of the house to two masts made of GRP. A radial of 20 m in length to the antenna at 80 m