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Rotatable Low Band Receiving Delta Loop


Rotatable Low Band Receiving Delta Loop

Rotatable Delta Loop for receiving on 160M and 80M. Measures 17 ft. tall by 28 ft. long
post 15 Nov 2019

Rotatable Low Band Receiving Delta Loop

Antenna Delta Loop Links

Random length multiband delta loop, KC8AON
This antenna must be used with a tuner if you have a true balanced tuner,you can eliminate the 4:1 balun

The delta loop, G3PTO
A vertical-plane equilateral delta for 40 metres will be about 48ft 5in wide and 42ft high. This places limits on the height above ground of the lowest point, since with a 35ft low-point height, the high point is 77ft up

Delta Loop Antenna, GW4ALG
When I started operating on 136 kHz in 1998, I needed an antenna that could be resonated easily for this LF band. So I modified my pre existing inverted V doublet to form a top fed delta loop having an overall perimeter of about 65 m

Delta Loop for 144mhz
Delta Loop 5 element for 144 mhz