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The delta loop


The delta loop

A vertical-plane equilateral delta for 40 metres will be about 48ft 5in wide and 42ft high. This places limits on the height above ground of the lowest point, since with a 35ft low-point height, the high point is 77ft up
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The delta loop

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Auto Tune Multi Band Delta Loop Antenna, JG1GGF
The tuner cannot be tuned to an antenna of any size. The power to the part where the voltage is off has a high impedance and the change tends to be steep, making it difficult to tune

Corned Fed Delta Loop, LA8OKA
The Delta Loop antenna is one of the famous magical antennas, but in reality, the Delta Loop antenna is not as magical as it's reputation. Despite its reputation as a Multi band antenna, it is a single band antenna. It can be somewhat tricky to make a Delta Loop

Costruiamo una delta-loop, I4EWH
La delta loop e' un'antenna semplicissima e molto economica, costituita da un triangolo di filo chiuso lungo un'onda intera moltiplicato per il coefficiente di velocita' della RF nel filo di rame

De Delta-Loop, ON4MGY
A delta loop is a closed loop antenna that normally forms an isosceles triangle. If the delta loop is constructed as an isosceles triangle, it has a gain of approximately 0.5 dB relative to a dipole. The impedance will be around 70 ohms. If we flatten the triangle a little, the impedance can quickly rise to 100 ohms and more. The total length of the conductor can be calculated as follows: 306.3 / f f = frequency in MHz

Delta dipole, KQ6XA