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2 Elements 20m Delta Loop


2 Elements 20m Delta Loop

For this project I started from a Nerio Neri Book antenne.The book describes the building of a HF three bands 10-15-20 aluminium delta loop, but I limited the design to 20m band only
post 15 Nov 2019

2 Elements 20m Delta Loop

Antenna Delta Loop Links

Multiband delta loop, DL2HCB
A multiband antenna, giving comparable results to a mono-band loop or dipole. At the open end of the loop a 1/4 wave shorted stub for 28Mhz was added. The stub and the feed line is made of 450 ohm ladder line. The stub opens the loop on 28Mhz, on all other frequencies the antenna is working as a closed loop

Multiband delta loop, G3YCC
The windings for the 15m coupler are secondary 25 turns of 16 SWG enammeled copper wire with 3 turns of plastic covered wire over the earthy end. The tuner can housed in a plastic container and thin, light coax used

Multiband Delta Loop, W2EGH
For 160m relays 1 and 4 are energized, the antenna works as a folded DipolFres = 1.85 MHz For 80m all relays are de energized, Antenna operates as delta loop with Fresres 3.7 Mhz with parallel connected dipole Fres 3.6 MHz For 40m Relay 2 is energized, L1 produces resonance at 7.1 MHz. For 30m relay 2 + 3 is energized, L1 and L2 cause resonance to 10.125 MHz

Red Neck Loop Antenna, NF6P
All Band operation or at least 40 to 10 meters,I'm a huge fan of the loop antenna. Quad loop, Delta Loop, Sky Loop, it doesn't matter, I know they perform very well