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Costruiamo una delta-loop


Costruiamo una delta-loop

La delta loop e' un'antenna semplicissima e molto economica, costituita da un triangolo di filo chiuso lungo un'onda intera moltiplicato per il coefficiente di velocita' della RF nel filo di rame
post 15 Nov 2019

Costruiamo una delta-loop

Antenna Delta Loop Links

The Full Wave horizontal Loop antenna, VK2JI
My first tests on the antenna showed it was at resonance atabout 6.6MHz no worries drop the one pole down, shortenthe wire and test again. This time it was 6.8MHz, OK I cantake a lot more off

The Double Delta Antenna
About a year ago I was introduced to the Double Delta antenna,as modifiedby the brilliant DX er Neil Kazaross,to becomethe D-Kaz antenna.The Delta and its Double Delta variant aren't new the DHDL may be the grandfather of this approach

Vertical Loop for 80-6 Meters, KL7JR
Loop antennas have always fasci nated me. From a common sensestandpoint they seem impossible.I mean, how can you have a short circuitat the output of your transceiver and callit an antenna?

Yet another delta loop antenna
I decided to try a loop antenna and I only had one mounting point on the paneling, so I used tape to make a triangle, but if I used an equilateral triangle as in all of the antenna books, I would have to put a nail in the middle of the paneling