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Delta Loops for HF


Delta Loops for HF

I decided to try a full wave Delta Loop. After using the loop for a couple of days with decent band conditions, I have never looked back. It's performance compared to the dipole has been very impressive
post 16 Feb 2020

Delta Loops for HF

Antenna Delta Loop Links

40 meter 10 mt delta loop, GU3WHN
This simple broadband antenna is easy to build,has gain similar to that of a dipole and is tolerant of near by objects

70mHz 4 metre Delta Loop, GW7AAV
Although I would only have FM on 70mHz I thought that making another horizontally polarised Delta Loop made sense for a number of reasons, first it was simpler to mount and secondly it would give me chance to see if nesting the loops caused any problems

2 Elements 20m Delta Loop, IW7DMH
For this project I started describes the building of a HF three bands 10-15-20 aluminium delta loop, but I limited the design to 20m band only

A Vertically Polarized Delta Loop for 40m, ZS1AN
The available supports were the 12.5m tree, and my house about 25m away, with a height at the top of the pitched roof of about 8m. Fortunately the line from the tree to the house runs roughly West to East, so a loop antenna erected in this plane would radiate most strongly in the North/South