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Antenna vertical delta loop


Antenna vertical delta loop

Just as with the quad loop, we can switch from horizontal to vertical polarization by changing the position of the feed point on the loop. For horizontal polarization the loop is fed either at the center of the baseline or at the top of the loop. For vertical polarization the loop should be fed on one of the sloping sides, at 1/4 from the apex of the delta
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Antenna vertical delta loop

Antenna Delta Loop Links

Delta Loop antenna 3,5 - 30 MHz, HA3HI
84 m Total Wire Length (L1 + L2 + L3) - 28 m Triangle Length (L1 = L2 = L3) - 10.56 m 75ohm coaxial length

Delta Loops for HF, W5SDC
I decided to try a full wave Delta Loop. After using the loop for a couple of days with decent band conditions, I have never looked back. It's performance compared to the dipole has been very impressive

Delta Loop Lazy loop from 160 to 10 meters, DL5DBM
The loop is 3.650 Mhz. For matching the loop on the other bands I use a Toroid Balun with

Double Half Delta DHD, I4EWH
In teoria dovrebbe restituire un segnale basso ma con un buon rapporto S/N, pressappoco come una Beverage. L' antenna e' costituita da due triangoli di filo sospesi a un metro e mezzo da terra

Horizontal Loop Loading Methods, W8JI
The primary radiating area of a half wave loop is about 1/8th wavelength. We are essentially end loading a 1/8th wave long dipole when we use a 40 meter full wave loop on 80 meters