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Vertical Loop for 80-6 Meters


Vertical Loop for 80-6 Meters

Loop antennas have always fasci nated me. From a common sensestandpoint they seem impossible.I mean, how can you have a short circuitat the output of your transceiver and callit an antenna?
post 18 Dec 2019

Vertical Loop for 80-6 Meters

Antenna Delta Loop Links

Build a Multi-Band Mono Delta Loop, DU1ANV
Make up a 14 MHz. delta loop using two separate lengths of 10 meter plus 10 centimeters each of No. 12 or No. 14 stranded copper wire and connect them in series with an insulator as shown at the bottom of Fig 1. The 10 cm extra wire is passed through the end hole of the insulator then looped back to the wire element to form a splice for later soldering

Delta Loop 17m, IZ0PSA
Ho scelto un'antenna monobanda chiusa e nello specifico una delta loop ad onda intera. Per lo scopo ho acquistato due canne da pesca LineaEffe da 7m in fibra di vetro

Delta Loop Antenna, GW4ALG
an effective magnetic loop antenna for 136 kHz, as well as providing a general purpose antenna for 10 - 80 m

Delta loop for 160mt, DF3WV
The picture down showes how I realised the Monster top band loop

Delta loop 50 Mhz, PE1OPM
A Delta loop is formed by an equilateral triangle, the base of which can lie on both the top and bottom and can be hung on various shapes