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1:9 Antenna Balun

An 88-foot non-resonant dipole powered by 600 ohm open line, I built and tested this 1: 9 balun, an autotune antenna tuner icon
post 04 Mar 2021

Toroid & balun Links


4:1 Current Balun using Ferrite rods
Guanella 4:1 Current Balun using Ferrite rods most articles on building the Guanella 4:1 Current balun use one or two toroids. For the range 1.8 MHz to 28 MHz

Zip Cord Transmission Lines and Baluns
A commercially available 4:1 voltage balun, was originally used for the transition between the 50 ohm coaxial cable and the balanced speaker wire transmission line

Calculating a choke balun
When the decision is made to put a balun type filter shoke choke balun, there is more to decide which coaxial cable to use; which diameter to give to the winding, and how many turns to put there

A Cost Effective Current-Mode 1:4 Balun
A cost effective current-mode 1:4 balun can be constructed from two lengths of coax, two ferrite rods