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9:1 balun

Primary winding 30 turns,secondary winding 10 turns,after checking for proper solder joints, you may pot all components in epoxy
post 14 Sep 2020

Toroid & balun Links

How to Build an UNUN, K0BG
If you want to built your own UNUN, up F114-67 ferrite core, a few feet of #14 enameled copper wire enough for 9, bifilar turns

Homebrew G3TSO
A universal matching transformer giving 1:1; 4:1 balanced and 9:1 unbalanced

il balun balanced - unbalanced, IW2MXE
1:1 presenta al connettore una linea sbilanciata, avendo in ingresso un'antenna bilanciata

Les baluns sur tores en ferrite
It is necessary to consider the average power to be transmitted, not only the maximum power. Core saturation only occurs during power peaks

Toroid T200 for long wire antenna, VK6YSF
Balun unun to feed a long wire antenna ideally without a tuner a 9:1 voltage unun design using a T200-2 Toroid core was selected