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A Simple 50-ohm Single-Band Balun


A Simple 50-ohm Single-Band Balun

The balun herein described is suitable for 50-ohm monoband antennas which can often represent a valid choice
post 27 Jun 2020

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Un balun de courant 1:1 sur tore ferrite
The two-wire line consisting of two enamelled son twisted together is wound on a torus of sufficient size to limit losses and prevent overheating of the core. 8 to 12 turns of enamelled wire 15 / 10mm wound on a ferrite core of diameter 50mm suitable for powers of the order of 100 W

Un balun de tension 1:1 sur tore ferrite
The three chokes are wound together on the same ferrite core and strongly coupled to each other since the three wires have been twisted to form a three-wire line

The Ugly Beehive Choke, VE1ZA
What attracted me to this was the lower insertion/heating loss versus other types of baluns/chokes. I chose a design that would work for 20-10m and essentially that was a 9 Turns of RG-8X on a 3.25 Dia tube

Balun Balanced Unbalanced Theory, IV3SBE
Baluns ( BALanced to UNbalanced ) are still a mystery for hams; the only way to understand this is to learn what it is and how to use it

Wind Your Own RF Matching/Isolation Transformer
It's the question I'm asked most often about broadband loop antennas such as the Delta, Flag, and SuperLoop