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Symetriseurs, adaptateurs d'impedance BALUNS

Incidentally remove the RF in the schack, distorted antenna radiation patterns, reception of ambient electrical noise
post 20 Sep 2020

Toroid & balun Links


Balun for yagi 144mhz, DK7ZB
Balun yagi if coax type rg59/u is long 34,5 cm

Baluns on Log Periodic Antennas, W8JI
This is the electrically ideal method of bringing the feed line back to the mast from the log feed. This method keeps the coaxial line away from the balanced transmission line formed by the boom. This works with ANY log periodic and good balun, including 200-300 ohm balanced systems

Coaxial balun, I0QM
I used RG58 coaxial cable since I use less than 300 W power. Better is the use of the RG142 Coaxial cable with Teflon dielectric, which handle a power of 2 KW at 144 MHz with a lower loss also

Build a legal limit 160 10 Meter Voltage Unun or alun,AD5X