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Balun1.1 50 ohm

One red and one gray conductor each form a 100 ohms line on the upper half of the core and also on the lower half of the core. If both lines are connected in parallel, the result is an impedance of 50 ohms for the winding
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Balun1.1 50 ohm

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9:1 balun
Primary winding black 30 turns,secondary winding brown 10 turns

A Cost Effective Current-mode 1:1 Balun
A cost effective current-mode 1:1 balun can be constructed from a length of coax and a rod typically used for a broadcast antenna loop-stick, some electrical tape, cable ties, a length of PVC water-pipe and some connectors

Balanced,Unbalanced,Balun, VK5AJL
Air core and magnetic material experiments to try yourself that demonstrate how various devices actually work

Balun circuito balanceado, PY5GG
The word balun is a contraction of BALanced to UNbalanced transformer, that is, balanced to unbalanced transformer. So the best thing to do is to start by understanding what exactly this concept of balance refers to