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A balun of corrente 1:1


A balun of corrente 1:1

The impedance transformation ratio for this type of balun is 1: 1 and the balun, which must be mounted as close to the antenna as possible

A balun of corrente 1:1

Toroid & balun Links

Balun for S-match, PA0FRI
In the design of one of my ATU's, the balun using T200A-2 toroid is mounted between two PCB disks and located in between the 50 uH roller-inductor and the 12 - 1200 pF vacuum capacitor

Balun per antenna longwire
Questo UN-UN puo' essere impiegato in abbinamento a diversi tipi di antenne,sia per SWL che per ricetrasmissioni sulle bande Radioamatoriali

Balun per vertical antenna, IZ0HHH
Si montera' allora il balun sul palo immediatamente sotto la grossa antenna e si fara' salire il breve tratto bifilare che collega l'uscita del simmetrizzatore fino allo stilo centrale ed ai radiali

Balun 4:1 - 1:1, EA4EOZ
A balun is a MUST for dipoles or similar antennas when they are feed with coaxial cables

Balun Theory
Voltage-type baluns produce equal and opposite voltages at the balun's balanced port. Since low impedance antennas are current fed, a balun that produces equal and opposite currents at its output over a wide range of load impedances is desirable