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Balun in cavo coassiale


Balun in cavo coassiale

Balun1:1 Si adattatore da una linea bilanciata a linea sbilanciata e viceversa, usa una sezione di 1/4 d'onda di lunghezza ed una di 3/4 in cavo coassiale
post 21 Nov 2019

Balun in cavo coassiale

Toroid & balun Links

Homebrew A 4 To 1 Balun, N1HFX
With out a balun the transceiver can only feed an antenna which uses coaxial cable. The only other alternative is to buy an external tuner with a built-in balun fortunately, a 4 to 1 balun can be easily home

Het Balun project
254/5000 Especially if you are a QRP member, the loss or return of a balun is important. You always want to make a connection with the lowest possible transmission power. It is a shame if the balun converts a large part of the supplied power into heat!

Magnetic longwire baluns 1:9 ON6MU
This Magnetic Longwire Balun MLB makes it possible to efficiently use a coaxial lead-in cable with all forms of longwires

Materials for inductors ferrite, iron-powder for HF, ON9CVD
The simple 1: 1 balun is being know in a variety of constructions. A dedicated chapter seems appropriate

Open Air Choke Balun
A balun's purpose is to allow connecting a balanced, e.g., a dipole or driven element to an unbalanced line such as coax which is not balanced, thus the name, Balun