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Balun for yagi 144 Mhz

If coax type rg59b/u is long 34,5cm,if coax type sat tv is long 42,cm
post 20 Sep 2020

Balun for yagi 144 Mhz

Toroid & balun Links


Balun 1:4 UNBAL to BAL
if you want to use the balun in the QRPproject format, prepar e the enclosure and solder the UNBAL part as short as possible to the BNC connector. The BAL side has to be soldered to the two 2mm banana jacks

Original cushcraft balun, DK4QT
So the results I found on the Cushcraft balun are better than I expected, therefore I will use the balun like it is

Wind Your Own RF Matching/Isolation Transformer
It's the question I'm asked most often about broadband loop antennas such as the Delta, Flag, and SuperLoop Where can I find the matching transformer?

Fishing pole antenna Rybakov, IZ1DFF
I begun to build this antenna starting from the BALUN 4:1 or better UN-UN 4:1 that is the heart of the antenna and the the most challenging element.We know that the radiant cable we will use will be 3/4 wave of the higher working frequency and in that case we will find a 200 OHM of impedence and for this reason we will need a BALUN 4:1 to adapt that value to 50 OHM (200/4) of our radio