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Balun project


Balun project

Especially if you are a QRP member, the loss or return of a balun is important. You always want to make a connection with the lowest possible transmission power
post 26 Mar 2020

Toroid & balun Links

Phase Inversion and Choke Baluns, W8JI
I mainly use 73 material for receiving applications in low power applications between .1 and 30 MHz

Putting a Balun and a Tuner Together, W9CF
Use a balun to connect from the twinlead to an unbalanced tuner

RF Balun Transformers
The transmission line balun transformer comes in twoimpedance ratios as outlined above, i.e. 4:1 and 1:1 itoperates at higher frequencies

RF Baluns, SM0VPO
This method will increase the antenna feed impedance by four so with a 50 ohm feeder it is suitable for driving 200 ohm impedance antennas, such as folded dipoles

Programs for balun, VE3SQB