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4:1 Balun

This antenna is referred to as an OCF dipole, or off-center-fed dipole. OCF dipoles have much higher impedance than conventional dipoles. The impedance conversion device, you guessed it, is the balun
post 20 Sep 2020

Toroid & balun Links


Symetriseurs, adaptateurs d'impedance BALUNS
Incidentally remove the RF in the schack, distorted antenna radiation patterns, reception of ambient electrical noise

Triple ratio balun, WB6ZQZ
The first TRB I built is shown in the photos below. I wound it with four quadrifilar turns and 8 bifilar turns

Tipos de balun y unun, EB4HRA
In this blog different types of balun and unun are presented for use in amateur radio frequencies. The emphasis is on the HF band 3-30 MHz

Un balbal de courant 4:1 sur tore ferrite
The term balbal is not widespread, it refers to an element that combines two symmetrical lines. A transformer, in a way