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Open Air Choke Balun


Open Air Choke Balun

There are naming conventions for baluns as well, such as voltage, current and open air choke baluns
post 21 Nov 2019

Open Air Choke Balun

Toroid & balun Links

1:1 Current Balun, N5ESE
Two versions were built. The first was wound with 16 turns of side-by side AWG 20 teflon-coated wire onto a FT114-43 core

1:4 Balun for 80m through 10m, W4ED
Made from Amidon FT-114-43 core, 16 gauge speaker wire, and tie wraps

1:4 balun, 50 ohm unbalanced to 200 ohm balanced, DJ2JAS
Of course you can not take every ferrite core, it must already be suitable for high frequency shortwave

50ohm to 200ohm, DL2LTO
Baluns perform only an indirect tuning function. A 4: 1 balun transforms e.g. 200 ohms to 50

4:1 Voltage balun, VK6YSF
The length of enamelled copper wire per winding for the T-200-2 powdered iron toroid core is determined by length per winder = 50mm per turn plus 200mm tails