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Balun 1:4 Unbal to Bal

Use two pieces of 0,5 mm enameled wire, one 25cm, one 20cm. Use them parallel, the shorter one is to help the wires to be identified after the windings have been done
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Balun 1:4 Unbal to Bal

Toroid & balun Links


Baluner coaxialkabler benyttes ofte baluner
Balancing is often used to optimally match balanced antennas to unbalanced coaxial cables. These can be made of coaxial cables or toroidal transformers

Balun HF 1,5KW, IK4EEP
Vengono illustrati negli schizzi sottostanti, i dettagli costruttivi per la realizzazione di un balun H.F. trifilare in aria in grado di sopportare oltre 1,5KW

Balun 4:1 ferrite, swl-i2-5759
Si tratta di un avvolgimento su barrette di ferrite collegato in parallelo ad un condensatore variabile

Balun 1:1 por HK4 TTF
An asymmetric Coaxial system with a symmetrical system Dipolo Balun 1: 1