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:4 Guanell a Balun Current Balun

The purpose of this article is to show how a 1:4 Guanella current-balun changes an impedance level by a multiplier of four; for example, 50 ohm coax to a 200 ohm antenna
post 17 Sep 2020

1:4 Guanell a Balun Current Balun

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A Simple Clamp-On Current Transformer
After the core was cut I wrapped a layer of electrical tape around the core as shown in figure 3. The next step was to cut a strip of copper

A Single-Core 4:1 Current Balun of Improved Performance
baluns are of particular interest asthey are to be found in balanced amplifiersand antenna matching networks

Balun sur air
It's a question of doing as well as a manufactured product and getting an education the equipment is reduced to a dummy load of 50ohms and the analyzer MFJ-259

Construction de Baluns, F1FRV
The transformer uses two ferrite tubes, material "43" or "61", or other material with permeability between 125 and 850.