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coax balun 1:1 - 1:4

Ecco le due situazioni in cui non hai bisogno di un balun 1:1 e 4:1

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4:1 coax balun design CALCULATOR
Here we calculate the half wave length of the matching section of the 4:1 coax balun

50 ohm single-band baluns, I0JX
The balun herein described is suitable for 50-ohm monoband antennas which can often represent a valid choice

9:1 balun
Primary winding black 30 turns,secondary winding brown 10 turns

A balun using ferrite rod, M0SCG
They simply allow a balanced item like a centre fed dipole to be fed with an unbalanced system like coax or balanced feeder open wire balanced to an unbalanced

A Cost Effective Current-mode 1:1 Balun
A cost effective current-mode 1:1 balun can be constructed from a length of coax and a rod typically used for a broadcast antenna loop-stick, some electrical tape, cable ties, a length of PVC water-pipe and some connectors