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Antenna JPOLE 50 Mhz

Una canna da pesca lunga m.4,5. in configurazione jpole per i 50 Mhz. In questo caso e' stato impiegato filo di rame nudo rigido di diametro 1,5mm. sez. 1,8 mm 2/div>
post 17 Dec 2021
Antenna JPOLE 50 Mhz/

Antenna 6 meter Links


50MHz Power Splitters
The use of power splitters and combiners is widespread in amateur radio but the design of these circuits is often considered to be a 'black art

6 Elements on 50 MHz
The actual boom length used is 6.3 metres and all parts are readily available. Construction details are shown below.

6 meter 6 element YAGI
6 meter yagi was designed and optimized for best feed match using 50.125MHz as the center frequency

6 Meter Omni Halo
Construction and Analysis of a Low Cost Omnidirectional Horizontally Polarized Antenna for 50 MHz

6 el yagi 50 mhz