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Antenna directive 3 elements for 50 mhz


Antenna directive 3 elements for 50 mhz


Antenna directive 3 elements for 50 mhz

Antenna 6 meter Links

70 MHz Big Wheel, OE5QL
We fixed the antenna with a 50 mm diameter aluminium pipe, which was welded onto the lower hub

Magnetic Loop Antenne 70cm, DC0SW
The consequence: I'm mostly qrv on the vhf/uhf bands or on the higher hf bands - with easy to move self-made antennas and low power

Yagi 3 el. per i 50 MHz, IK0VVG
multi-element array composed of an element linear active which is powered directly by the source, and from a number of linear elements parasites

6 Meter Quad Turnstile Antenna
From previous experiments with 6 meter loops I have found that 20 feet of insulated 14 AWG wire is resonant at the bottom of the 6 meter band

A 6 Meter Moxon Antenna, KG4JJH
I used the program MoxGen 3 to generate models at 50.5 and 53.0 MHz, using 5/8 inch OD aluminum tubing. I then fine-tuned them with EZNEC 4 to allow for the different tubing sizes

VHF/UHF/HF X-Beam Antenna, K0EMT
The text says that this antenna design will typically have a 6-8dB gain and a forward to back ratio of 20dB