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Low Band Receiving

Transformers for low-bands antennas

Transformers for low-bands antennas

These transformers , they can be used as part of a hybrid combiner or as phase inverters for an RX antenna array
post 18 Feb 2020

Transformers for low-bands antennas

Low Band Receiving Antennas Links

2 Element Vertical Array for 160M and 80M, VK3PATwo 40-meter stand-alone verticals spaced one-quarter wavelength apart, and feed them out of phase

4 Square K9AY by Bogdan, SP3RBR
We have assembled a set of three poles with K9AY antennas and a phase and switching system

160 Meter Receiving Loop Project, K3ZXL
I decided that a 6 ft diameter loop would work out in terms of available space. That calculates out to 6 x Pi = 19 ft of coax

80/160 meter four wire caged vertical, NI7J
82 foot in height 80/160 meter four wire caged vertical.Tower and 21 foot 2 inch DOM tubing is the support means for caged vertical. 77 radials 75' to 85' in length used