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Low Band Receiving

Switchable directional EWE

Switchable directional EWE

A EWE designed to receive in any one of four directions. Relay switching at the base of the central support allows selection of any one of the four wires
post 20 Feb 2020
Switchable directional EWE

Low Band Receiving Antennas Links

Pennant and Kaz Antenna Tests, WA1ION
With the antenna positioned for optimal cancellation in the west, the termination resistors in the adjustment range from 1K to 3K produced null values from 8 to 24 dB. A null value of 15 dB was typical

Receiving Antenna Patrick Destrem, F6IRF
A 40/80m receiving antenna optimized for short and medium distances

Receiving loop aerials for 1.8 MHz
Localised noise in the receiver can be reduced by using a small loop aerial. Shielded coax loops, unshielded loops and ferrite rod loops for 1.8 Mhz

Receiving loop for low frequency dx work,VE7SL
Electrically, the loop consists of 13 turns of vinyl-coated #22 stranded copper wire, spaced 1/4" per turn

Rx antennas 4Square Rx Vertical Array, IV3PRK
For the control line I got already a long 16 pole telephone cable which is going to be buried in a plastic conduit with the coax feedline.wires control line codes