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Low Band Receiving

The pennant antenna fol low bands

The pennant antenna fol low bands

This is the best receiving antenna for my location. It is small and very directional. The pennant is oriented to europe and can notch out 59+ 20 db signals to S-0. It dramatically reduces the stateside interference while improving the SNR on the low bands towards europe
post 20 Feb 2020
The pennant antenna fol low bands/

Low Band Receiving Antennas Links

40 Meter Parasitic Delta Loop Array, W8WWV
On 40 meters, my experience is that you need at least 20 dB of F/B ratio in order to be able to turn down European broadcasters enough to be able to hear the west coast stations, especially the west coast stations with dipoles and 100 watts

75 Meter Delta Loop Beam, N6IJ
It is vertically polarized, take off angle is less than 30 degrees.The half beam width is about 56 degrees.It changes directions by adding tuning stubs that can switch in and out.The antenna is tuned for 3.800 Mhz but also easy to modify

A Simple Loop Aerial for 160/80, G3YXM
The antenna should tune from 1.8 to about 5MHz with 50ft 16Mtrs of cable in the loop

An Easy to Install Vertical Loop for 80-6 Meters, KL7JR
My portable loop is 150 feet long 50 ft per side and includes a 4:1 balun

Antenna Delta loop bidirettiva, IA5TMF
Questa e' una antenna adatta per HF realizzabile senza troppe difficolta', l'unico inconveniente e' che necessita possedere di un discreto spazio dove installarla e di almeno quattro supporti a cui agganciare i loop