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Low Band Receiving

Flag Antenna

Flag Antenna

post 20 Feb 2020
Flag Antenna

Low Band Receiving Antennas Links

Rx antennas the TX3A DHDL, IV3PRK
This will give an even betterpattern than the end-fire, and an RDFreaching 13 dB with a separation of 100 meters between the loops

Short beverage, I1WQR
La radio senza un' antenna adeguata e' come una macchina senza il motore,belle parole vero

Switchable directional EWE
A EWE designed to receive in any one of four directions. Relay switching at the base of the central support allows selection of any one of the four wires

Shunt-fed tower What is that?
A Anything can be made to radiate RF if you feed it properly including towers

Shunt-fed Radiators
A grounded vertical radiator may be shunt-fed as With shunt feed the radiator is grounded at its base, and the system is excited at the point where the shunt-feed wire is connected