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Low Band Receiving

Low band DXing

Low band DXing

An antenna designed for receive only offers a much better signal-noise figure, and simply put, allows you to hear weak signals that are buried in the noise with your TX antenna
post 21 Feb 2020
Low band DXing

Low Band Receiving Antennas Links

Transformers for low-bands antennas, IN3OTD

Triband Receiving Loop for 160/80/40m, AC0C

Trasformatori e Chokes per ricezione in 160 metri, IV3PRK

Waller Flag Antenna, NX4D
Most of the time there are no horizontal signals at 20ft high for 160m, the arriving signals are shorted circuited by the ground, Tests on 3.5 or 7 MHz shows a different situation and there are plenty of horizontal signals