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Low Band Receiving Antennas

The K6STI Loop at HC1PF


The K6STI Loop at HC1PF

This is a specialized receiving antenna, omni directional and thus with a low RDF, but with low sensitivity to vertical polarized noise and, my worst problem, to local AM broadcasting signals
post 28 Nov 2019

The K6STI Loop at HC1PF

Low Band Receiving Antennas Links

Double Half Delta DHD, I4EWH
In teoria dovrebbe restituire un segnale basso ma con un buon rapporto S/N, pressappoco come una Beverage

Double half delta loop for low bands, DH1TW
The Double Half Delta Loop DHDL Receiving antenna which only needs two 10m support poles. Once the wires are cut and the Balun build, it takes less than 20 minutes to deploy the antenna

Dual-Feed EWE or BOG
This whole idea came about when I had to run a RG174 feed cable to the EWE feed that was further away from the house than the termination side. So why can't I use the feed cable screen as the antenna itself and saving one wire?

Dual-Flag Receive Antenna, K8RRT
The antenna is made up of two rectangles 30-feet long by 20-feet tall

Double-Delta D-Kaz
Kaz's models and subsequent real‐world observation demonstrate that front‐to‐back F/B nulling can approach and exceed 40dB rear‐signal rejection on much of the MW broadcastband