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Antenna EiRP Estimator


Antenna EiRP Estimator

Power from Rig Watts, Frequency MHz, Coax Type, Coax Length metres, antenna Type

Antenna Calculator Links

Helix antenna design and construction details
Design frequency MHz, Number of turns ,Turn spacing, wavelengths

Inductance of a Straight Wire, One End Grounded, K7MEM
Any length of wire has some inductance, however, at low frequencies, 1-30 MHz, the added effect of this inductance is usually minimum

J-Pole Antenna Calculator
If the antenna is to be placed outside, do not use brass, photo model designed for 2.45 GHz. A capacitor of 0.8 pF and it would be perfectly matched to 50ohm

Antenna HB9CV calculator
Design and Adjustement is easy, as with the Capacitor you can tune the Resonance by some MHz with no effort