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70W SSB linear HF Power Amplifier

The test was in the original configuration at 13.8V and 5Watt FM input from my FT-817. Max. power was 80 Watt . At 3 Watt input the output was about 50 Watt at 20m. but the modulation was as expected distorded in ssb mode at the recommended 2.7V bias voltage
post 04 Oct 2020

Antenna 80 meter Links

80m Band Short Dipole, DJ9RB
Total Length 24 m 79 ft constructed with enamelled wire 0.5 mm diameter

Un dipolo per le bande basse, I8QLI
The dipole is a classic trapped, but it goes better than the commercial ones

Antenna for 80 meters in garden 46ft, G7FEK
A 46 ft multi band antenna for small gardens that works well on 80 meters

A Wideband 80mt dipole, N6LF
The open sleeve folded dipole simple inexpensive the antenna is fed with a random lenght of 450 ohm open wire

Coil loading of an 80m Dipole for restricted space, VK3JEG
Lenght of around 20m (66) with operating frequency at 3.6MHz

Dipolo gordo para 80m
The construction of this antenna is not very difficult you have to be careful to thread the 11 CDs