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Progetto SWR meter

La realizzazione richiede piu' abilita' meccanica che elettrica , si vede dallo schema elettrico estremamente semplice non dovrebbero sorgere problemi, nella foto a destra si vede il particolare dei collegamenti dell ' SWR
post 04 Oct 2020

Swr Meter Links


Automatic SWR meter, DK4SX
display unit is awesome, especially the possibility, at varying time constant

Automatic SWR meter and semi-automatic tuning unit, F1FRV
With supply 13.8 V, if your SWR bridge detectors output exceeds 11 volts

A long-wave SWR meter
This document describes a simple SWR-meter suitable for long and medium

Basics of SWR
the antenna for a radio is a tuned circuit that provides a load for the transmitter...

Converting ZetaGi HP201 for ham bands, G8ODE
This modification replaces the original CB SWR sensing circuit