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Qrm Eliminetor

The principle is based on the fact that the interfering signal from the main antenna coming from the local interfering signal is phase-shifted by means of an auxiliary antenna so superimposed that eliminate the interference, Boards can be purchased via the board service
post 04 Oct 2020

Antenna 80 meter Links


Antenne doublet epais bande 80mt
It's a classic doublet which is a half wavelength long on 80 meters fed in the center with ladder line

QRP 80 Metre Slinky Dipole, M0WYM
the antenna always had to be mounted in the attic because no antennas are allowed to my QTH

Broad Band 80 & 40 meter bowtie dipole
This article is meant to address this issue with a design that is mechanically sensible

Multi Band Cage Dipole, N3UJJ
The goal of the antenna project is to come up with an efficient Multi Band Horizontal Dipole antenna

Fan Dipole Project, WA2HIP
These 2 dipoles are at right angles to each other and the 20/15 dipole is located about 6 feet below the 75/40/20 fan dipole

20m mini loaded dipole, IK2BCP
This is my mini dipole" for 20m that I built to have some fun while in holidays with my QRP setup